Quirky Carrots

Quirky Carrots

Have you ever seen a cucumber that’s not straight? A carrot with two legs? Or an eggplant that is a triplet? A tomato that looks like Siamese twins or paprika that looks more like a creature from outer space? Foekje Fleur is agent for Toffe Peren. A project by Annette Behrens and Carina Hesper.

Annette and Carina’s mission is to change the perception concerning quirky fruits and vegetables. Often referred to as ‘misfits’, they don’t think they are! They want to raise awareness and show people more of the natural ways in which our foods can grow and inform them about food waste. They did so with the means of photography creating beautiful images of our Quirky Carrots, Toffe Peren, Tolle Knolle. 

With the Quirky Carrots, they are a visual voice in the debate on food waste.

We couldn’t agree more and became partners!

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Along we our own products we have the memory game available at wholesale in 3 languages. The game challenges kinds and adults to make pairs of vegetables that not necessary look the same and celebrates diversity.

After the success of the memory game they also released a collection of postcards with some of the funniest misfits that we have available as 36 pack.

Cardboard book
In 2021 the Quirky Carrots kids book was launched for the youngest kids. With many colourful pages this sterdy book allows children to name veggies, count, learn colours and most of all use their imagination. The book is wrapped in a cover that can be unfolded as a beautiful poster.